Because I don’t have a sketch today..

I decided to showcase an artist because:

  1. I don’t have a sketch (as stated in the title)
  2. It’s important to appreciate different artists

So I came across an artist on FFFFOUND! and I thought his work was particularly interesting. His name is Guim Tió Zarraluki and he lives in Barcelona.  I went on his website to find that it was not in English, but instead Spanish (I believe…).

Here is his website:


The first few pieces I saw by Guim Tió Zarraluki were very eccentric. His take on portraits is quite different (definitely not in a bad way!). Lately I’ve been really into drawing people and I love seeing different techniques others use.


In his portraits there are aspects of realism and aspects that are not realistic. I think this is   a really cool way to go about depicting people. The eyes make you wonder what that person in the painting is thinking.. they look into your soul even though they’re very simple looking. I love the use of colour around them they look sunken and hollow.



His use of realism in his portraits are very subtle. Looking very closely, it looks like he paints over existing pictures of people. This is a very fascinating way to show one’s view of the people in these photos. It incorporates what the camera sees and what the artist sees which could be a statement to society.


I think he has a great use of colour and his techniques is the most interesting I’ve ever seen. It inspires me a lot. His art is beautiful and I strongly suggest you go check out his work!

Okay well I’m off to study for my biology test. Good day (:

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