Playing with watercolours

So I hate the bottom line.

Anyways this year I got a spare after challenging French 30 (well. being forced to challenge French 30, i really can’t speak it) and I went to the art room at every spare to hang out because I couldn’t take art this year. My art teacher (for 2D art) has got to be one of my top 3 favorite teachers in my school.

So I wanted to just paint something and she had a piece of watercolour paper lying around with some painters tape on it. In each square I *attempted* to use different techniques. I kinda like how some of the paint leaked through the tape, it kinda makes things messy, but in a good kind of way. Messy is good (:

3 thoughts on “Playing with watercolours

  1. Really digging this as a whole composition. It’s like looking at a bunch of different angles of the same scene, it interesting. I think putting this in a frame would make it look absolutely beautiful :] Let me know if you end up doing so!

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