It has been quite a while..

Wow I have not updated in a long time. I’m really sorry about that, things have been pretty crazy lately. Ah it seems like every post is about how sorry I am that I am not posting as much as I would like due to life events..

The reason for my lack of updates is the fact that I went on a band trip to San Francisco. Prior to that, I had to make sure I was caught up at school and get a bit ahead in order to not fall behind, thus leading to my failure to post anything on here.

I am incredibly proud to say that we got gold for concert band and silver in jazz at the festival we competed in! We also went to other places in San Francisco (and the surrounding area). I was not able to bring my DSLR and ended up settling with my crappy point and shoot. The lack of control I had over my photos really drove me insane so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked. Good thing I’m going to San Francisco with my family again next summer.

Here are some photos:


our jazz band playing at Pier 39.


3 thoughts on “It has been quite a while..

  1. Embalmed Remora – NEAT!

    Cleopatra is it? I Notice how
    egypitians always had the
    seetest head gear.

    The colorful doors were
    a win – an old hotel in my
    home town had doors like
    that – its in my short story
    “Thrills and Chills at the
    old snow cone stand”

    I like what the lights are
    diong in that first one –

    also – did you see the
    wave organ or the wind
    harp? they are kind of
    off beat so I guess not.

    A post under my humor
    section describes these
    monuments – along with
    three more from around
    the world.

    • Yes it is Cleopatra! I adore the colours on their head wear and clothing.
      My friend pointed the colourful doors out and it really was a nice splash of colour to a rather dull building 😛 I’ll read your story!
      I took the picture of the lights when I was under a plastic bubble they had at the aquarium. It was one of those things you can go under and see the fish swim around you.

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