School Art Show (a freaking late post)


So this is a little over a month overdue but I wanted to show you guys what I put in the school art show. As I mentioned earlier in this post, it was recommended that I challenge French 30 so that I would not be held back due to some class placement error or something I don’t know. Anyways, that lead to many lonely spares spent in the art room. This was done in a hurry so it definitely isn’t my best work.

My t-shirt says “My 1st Ride”. Yeah I know you’re jealous of my utterly cool being.

But seriously, volunteering is important, even if it involves helping little children experience their first bus ride.


My day consisted of The Virgin Suicides, nectarines and exercise. Currently, I am watching profilers catch bad guys on an episode of Criminal Minds that I have already watched. Is it strange that I have an inner sense of pride from being able to identify the unsub as well as their motives and triggers etc..?

This has been an incredibly random post.

Good day,


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