Downtown nightshots


I had never really used a tripod before and to be honest, taking these pictures at first was kind of weird considering there were a lot of other people around me. The consciousness did wear off though and I discovered that I really like shooting at night. I love seeing the lights stand out so much against the dark background. After this we walked around at the park which was down this long set of stairs. I’m pretty sure there are around 150 stairs to go down. My P.E class would run down those stairs, around the park and back up the stairs. I kinda miss that.


Today I also went to start getting clothes for school. I didn’t want to buy too much because I;m waiting for the fall/winter clothes to come out. This school year, I need to dress better. Not that my clothes are bland and tasteless, but I don’t know. They just don’t seem to reflect who I am.

It was a good day!

– Cindy

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