So just today I got back from my trip to Hawaii. I took a ton of pictures and ate a ton of food. Hawaii is such a beautiful place I wish I could have stayed longer without the effects of the sun on my skin. One thing you should know is that I absolutely hate tanning because I find that my natural skin is tanned enough. But I was in Hawaii so naturally, my skin is dark as hell.

There are way too many photos to put on here so I just picked a few and will  be separating the post into two parts.


Flying over Vancouver.


An accidental picture.


The above four pictures are from Pearl Harbour.


We got to see turtles! They’re pretty cute.


We were going to different beaches throughout the day and we passed by this abandoned building on the side of the road where people have covered it with graffiti. I think it looks pretty cool.


We went snorkeling here.


This definitely reminds me of Jurassic Park.


That sign tells people not to go over the stone wall for safety reasons but I went over anyways. I really wanted to get some pictures down at the bottom of the rocks.DSC_1016wordpress

Just a quick photo of how far down it really was. I was not at the bottom yet.


Aaannddd this was at the top.


My flight left at 11:20 PM Hawaii time. I barely slept at all and was able to get this shot as we were approaching San Francisco. The time there is 3 hours ahead so we lost 3 hours and once we got home, we lost another hour. I feel so time confused I cannot even imagine how people feel like when they go to the other side of the world.

The overall experience was pretty amazing. Hopefully I’ll get to go back and see a different island.


On a totally different note: What do you guys do to protect your images? I do not know anyone who would take my pictures (nor would anyone want to) but I just want to take precautions. Would shrinking your images be good enough?

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