A Rush of Blood to the Head

Hello, here is something that I’m working on at the moment. Hopefully I’ll finish it by the end of the day. The title for this post is to remind me of an idea I literally just had while listening to Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head.


Yesterday was my birthday! I finally turned 16 and now I am eligible for a drivers license 😀 But yes. I actually didn’t do anything for my birthday except shopping and I met up with a couple people. What I do for them, seriously. I had to take the train from one end of the city to the other which took over an hour because they were fixing one part of the train tracks so they got people to take a shuttle bus from one train station to another. Yeah it was a whole mess of confusion for some. It was really interesting to see the different people that lived on one side of the city and how it contrasts to the other side.


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