My thoughts at 2AM

  1. Why have I not showered?
  2. Don’t be a lazy ass tomorrow, draw something because this blog is currently lifeless. Breathe life back into it so that it can barely scrape by as some sort of blog.
  3. Is university going to give me a life a dreary boringness and everlasting melancholy?
  4. So many assignments due on Monday.. I have not started any of them.
  5. Bob’s Burgers is a rad show.
  6. Can I just buy a drivers license?
  7. Why do I not have a job?
  8. I am on the verge of having an existential crisis.
  9. It’s sad to say that at the moment school > art.
  10. What has my teenage life come to.

Hey guys! I’m really sorry about this blog. I am trying to get used to such a heavy course load and not going to lie, most of my nights are spent studying or at someone’s house finishing one of the thousands of social projects I am assigned. The upcoming project I have I will be drawing so yeah that will be up! I am so happy to have a social teacher who supports my passion for art. This means that many of my projects will be art oriented because he lets us put our projects in any form we want :’)

I am surprised that I have not broken down crying from stress yet. Maybe this semester won’t be as bad as I thought it would.

One more year until I submit applications to various universities for early admission. Excited.

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