Resolutions just make me feel better okay?


What I look like when I party on new years eve. Only not really.

The year 2012 has been pretty busy! Hopefully next year I will be able to make more posts and really get into this blogging thing. Thank you to the people who have followed and just been with me on my WordPress journey. My course load at school after this semester is definitely lighter AND I have art and design studies next semester. I will definitely be posting my projects in those classes.

2013 is going to be somewhat hectic because I have to start planning an art portfolio to apply to university (seriously what do I do for that….) and I have a list of things I would like to accomplish by the time the year is over.

  1. Get more colour into my art
  2. Get at least a 4 on my AP Math exam
  3. Get at least 85% in Physics 20
  4. Get a job
  5. Lead a healthier life (exercise more, drink more water etc.)
  6. Continue to just do things and make choices based on what I want, and what will cause the least amount of stress
  7. Not care what other people think
  8. Expand my vocabulary

I wish I could make this list divisible by 5. LOL.

Have a happy New Year (:


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