What Semester 2 Has consisted of.. Art and Design-Wise.

This  semester has been crazy and way more busy than I thought. Here are some art and design studies projects.


We had to make our own version of a potential plant in the movie Avatar. Any 3D medium was allowed. I was really inspired by jellyfish. Using chicken wire I constructed the top of the jellyfish but I did not cover it with cloth or anything because it emphasized the shape. I have to say that the feathers were the most time consuming. Individually gluing them to fishing like was extremely tedious.


This is still in progress, but for our second project we have to create a paper sculpture. What isn’t in the picture is the mountain I made by layering cardboard together. I wanted to make it look like a mountain was moved. Layers of greens and browns are used under the white paper to make it look like the trees and ground have been moved around. Inspired by the song “Mighty Little Man” – Steve Burns (the first guy from blues clues )


This is my second project from design studies. I am designing a beach house! The sketch above is my favourite out of all the ideas i have put down so far. My first project is on my account at school so I will post that later.


Thanks for being patient

– Cindy N

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